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The following horses are standing at Stud in the
Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

"VENTUROSO" (imp Brazil)

Approximately 17 hands.

Venturoso has extremely expressive movement, outstanding conformation and a calm temperament. His youngstock have exceeded our already high expectations.

Venturoso is currently working at FEI level with outstanding piaffe/passage.

Venturoso is available for AI. Fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

$2,200 Lusitano mares.
$1,650 Outside mares.

"QUE CRAQUE" (imp Brazil) - DECEASED


Sire: Mikonos Itapua.
Dam: La Cubanita Smar.

16.2 hand dressage stallion.

He competed at Prix St Georges/InterI under his EFA registered name "Q.C".

He was powerful, extremely gymnastic and has exceptional movement. Gentle, kind disposition.

He was training Grand Prix and showing his inherent aptitude for piaffe/passage. Que Craque's progeny are showing height and great gymnastic movement.

Registered APSL, ABPSL (Brazil) LHAA.

Frozen semen available.

"IRREAL" (imp Portugal) - DECEASED

Photo: All Creatures Photography


His name means "unreal"

Sire: Vidago. Dam: Demencia.

Irreal is copper bay just over 16 hands. 100% Andrade bloodline from the Vilhena d'Andrade stud. Three year old Champion at the prestigious Stallion Feria at Golega, Portugal. Classically trained and a successful competitor at Grand Prix.

Irreal has magnificent conformation, great character, three generous gaits, and an "unreal" temperament. He has sired numerous youngstock in the U.S.A and his progeny in Australia have inherited all his attributes.

Registered APSL (Portugal) IALHA (USA) LHAA. AI only.



Sire: Umbaba. Dam:Epoca..

APSL approved cremello Lusitano stallion. Solid build with substantial bone and excellent type. Saphiro has a huge overstep at the walk, strong topline, lofty movement, and a rocking canter that is a dream to ride. His profile is classically baroque and his temperament, of course, exceptional!

Imported from Germany as a foal, he has proved himself a prepotent sire in the USA. Saphiro is Agouti dominant colour tested cremello(eeAACrCr with no grey) so his cream gene will be expressed on his foals. His buckskin, palomino and double dilute offspring have more to show for themselves than just their golden coats. They are excelling in all disciplines including dressage, jumping, and working cows.

Now showing in dressage, Saphiro has an incredible work ethic. He can turn on his brio when asked, or be ridden quietly bareback by children.He has an incredible first cycle conception rate.

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Mystery Creek Lusitanos was established as a stud in NZ just outside the town of Cambridge in 2008. The studs' objectives are to produce functional high quality performance Lusitano's and to promote their breed within the southern hemisphere as a horse that has the ability to be highly competitive within the sport and pleasure horse industry.

The stud imported one Lusitano stallion (Xerife). He is the foundation stallion of the stud he is a fully graded and registered Lusitano stallion available for breeding in N.Z. He was bred in England by Pine Lodge, of Portuguese origin, and fully approved by the APSL in Portugal as a breeding stallion. He was champion colt as a 3 year old in England. He has also had numerous winnings in NZ, including champion Lusitano stallion and Supreme Iberian Pure-bred at every show he has attended.

Two highly graded mares (Bahama and Briosa) have also been imported. They come from the prestigious stud Monte da Ravasqueira in Portugal. This stud is well known for producing functional horses particularly in dressage and carriage driving.

We welcome any enquires and would love to show our horses to anyone who is interested.

Contact details:
Phone: (64) 7 827 5526
Mobile:(64) 21 2755453
Facebook: Mystery Creek Lusitanos



Sire: Justiceiro II
Dam: Perola

Xerife is a Steel Grey 15.3HH Purebred Lusitano, Xerife has a fantastic temperament, conformation and excellent trainability with 3 good paces.

He is established in his lateral work, and is currently working on his advanced collected work. He has also proven himself as an excellent jumper. He is now available for both AI and natural coverings in hand.

NZ$2300.00 Lusitano Mares
NZ$1700.00 All Other Breeds

Jo Evans was excited at the prospect of sharing what she has always deemed a special quality breed with the NZ and Australia horse industry. When the opportunity arose to return to NZ after many years of living in the UK and travelling the competition circuit both in the UK and throughout Europe, Jo was determined not to leave behind her purebred Lusitano stallion, Xerife.

Xerife was purpose bred by Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation, a specialised Lusitano stud where Jo worked in the UK. Jo has owned, trained and schooled him from the ground up. He has slowly transformed from a bay foal, to a dapple grey as he set foot in NZ, before quickly becoming a stunning white stallion in the NZ sunshine. At 15.3hh and turning 9 years old in January, Xerife is fully graded and registered in Portugal.

He is incredibly brave with outstanding movement, correct conformation (evidenced in his successful grading) and excellent trainability, he has proved competent in dressage. Currently working on his advanced collective work, and has had experience in Working Equitation, as well as enjoying any opportunity for variation as he sails over jumps. Xerife's sire, Justiceiro II was an incredibly successful competition horse in Portugal continuing so when he was imported to the UK. He sired many top quality horses in both countries, Xerife being one of his last.

The Lusitano is considered to be the oldest saddlehorse in the world. Native to Portugal these horses are well renowned for their agility, boldness and intelligence. Historically, this versatile and compact horse was selected for hunting and battle. The very same qualities, which gained him popularity as a warhorse, all those hundreds of years ago, have enabled the Lusitano to build a deserving reputation and the ability to compete successfully throughout a multitude of modern equestrian disciplines.

Mystery Creek Lusitanos was established in 2008 as Jo Evans and Xerife landed in NZ and set foot on their new stud in the Waikato. Following shortly after were two purebred mares imported directly from Portugal, Bahama and Briosa. Bahama demonstrates all the typical Lusitano qualities with an incredibly gentle temperament and outstanding willingness to please and learn. Briosa's grandsire, Wembley was a famous and exceptionally successful dressage horse throughout Portugal.

Four years on and today Jo has been successfully breeding both purebred and part-bred Lusitanos, with both Bahama & Briosa are expecting their 3 foal in the coming months. Jo is excited at the prospect of these youngstock, with a select few on the market. While money making comes with the requirements of running a stud, Jo prides herself on her passion for these horses and admiration of the breed as the driving factor of a job she loves. If you are fortunate enough to get out of bed each morning excited for the adventures of the day, you know you are in a good place, something Jo has never questioned in her work with Lusitanos over the last 13 years.

As the breeding season gets underway, it is pleasing to see Lusitanos gaining the spotlight both in popularity and international success. Jo Evans is delighted to see this breed gaining respect throughout Australasia and looks forward to playing an active part in the continued education and awareness of this stunning and versatile breed. For further information, Jo welcomes interested parties to check out her website or Facebook page and contact her through the details shared.



Don & Dianne Baxter of Omaru Stud in the picturesque Tweed Valley of Northern NSW have long been admirers of the Lusitano breed.

Don learned to appreciate Lusitanos many years ago when having lessons with Nuno Oliveira.

Omaru Stud how has a Lusitano colt and two Iberian colts along with their Spanish horses and Lipizzaners.

Omaru Stud Enquiries to:



Sonhos Cavalos Stud was inspired by experiencing the Iberian horse through training in the 'Art of Classical Riding' at Turville Valley Stud in the UK, and travels across Spain and Portugal. Sonhos Cavalos Stud was the first Lusitano Stud farm to be established in NZ and is based in the Waikato.

We aim to produce quality PSL, PRE and PSP horses and train them the Classical way. We hope to make these 'Dream Horses' a reality for anyone who shares in our vision and passion for these incredible horses.

Kellie Ellis
Phone: (64) 7 829 6168
Mobile:(64) 21 2716450

Enquiries to:


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