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The 1989 edition of the Portuguese Stud Book , the Livro Genealogico Portugues de Equinos, recognises six Heads of Lineage that made an important contribution to the breed standards today.

These horses are:

AGARENO: Veiga (MV) stallion
Born: 1931
Sire: Lidador (MV)
Dam: Bagocha (MV)

PRIMOROSO: a Dominquez Hermanos (DH) stallion
Born: 1927
Sire: Presumido (DH)
Dam: Primorosa II (DH)

DESTINADO: Dominquez Hermanos (DH) stallion
Born: 1930
Sire: Alegre II (DH)

MARIALVA II: stallion from Antonio Fontes Pereira de Melo (APM)
Born: 1930
Sire: Marialva (APM)
Dam: Campina (APM)

REGEDOR. Alter Real stallion, (AR)
Born: 1923
Sire: Gavioto (AR)
Dam: Gavina (AR)

HUCHARIA: A Coulderaria Nacional mare,
Born: 1943
Sire: Cartujano (APT)
Dam: Vizcaina (MRB)

These “heads of lineage” are the founding sires and dam of the three main lineages of the breed. ANDRADE, VEIGA, and COUDELARIA NACIONAL (Portuguese State Stud). Each line differs from the others by variations in individual characteristics but all are strictly framed within the race standards.


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