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We would like to introduce riders and their horses to this fascinating and great fun sport. working equitation is an equestrian discipline well established as a recognized sport in southern Europe, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil and Sweden. It is based on methods to train horses working on cattle ranches in southern Europe, Mexico and Brazil. there are different levels of competition from novice to advanced, open to all riders and all breeds of horses.

The competition is divided into 3 sections, designed to test horse and rider, through a range of activities combining flat work (Dressage) movements, and obstacle tests, requiring horse and rider, to negotiate a number of obstacles similar to those encountered whilst working in the fields. This competition aims to promote good horsemanshipand a level of submission and control of the horse. It is great fun for horse and rider to participate, Spectators also enjoy this exciting discipline. Our aim is to prepare not only for individual competitors, but also teams of 4 riders to compete against each other at venues throughout N.S.W.

Gill Kennerley is a classical trainer, recently arrived in Australia from the UK. she has successfully trained along with Portuguese W.E. Trainers. riders to enjoy and compete in working Equitation competitions in the UK. Gill has a permanent W.E. course set up at her home, "Wattle Grove"East Kurrajong. She would like to offer her services and knowledge to riders and their horses by welcoming them, to come and "have a go"! Training days.

The 3 phases. Dressage test. (novice)
Obstacle course
Obstacle course(speed)
Cattle Penning


Ride figure of eight around 3 drums
Slalom around bending poles, (aiming to change legs) at each post
Knock a ball off free standing bull
Collect a ring from free standing Bull
Collect a pole from a drum and replace pole
Walk over a wooden bridge
Open and close a gate without letting go of the latch
Ring a bell at the end of a corridor and rein back out
Jump over straw bales
Ride around a livestock pen
Walk sideways along a pole placed flat on the ground

The Ultimate Aim

To ride the horse in collection, at walk and canter.
Riding with one hand only, throughout the test.
Practice makes perfect.


Wattle Grove. 19 Darcy place. East Kurrajong 2758.

Gill kennerley will be holding W.E. Clinics at East Kurrajong twice a month throughout the year.1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
4-8 riders per clinic
$25.00 per rider
Riders must have their own currant insurance and sign a waiver

To book a place, phone Gill (p) 02 4573 2958


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