Lusitano Horse Association of Australasia

The Lusitano Horse Association of Australasia, encompassing both Australia and New Zealand, was founded in 2003.

Since then it has worked in close conjunction with the “parent” association in Portugal, the Assoçiacão Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano. A protocol between the APSL and the LHAA was duly sighed in Cascais, Portugal in June 2005.

The LHAA manages two Studbooks and a Crossbred Register.

Interest in the breed has grown dramatically in the few short years since the inception of the LHAA. The founding mares OBCECADA, SAFADA, TIMIDA and VISTOSA were imported from the famous Coudelaria Vilhena D’Andrade at Torres Vedras, Portugal. They were followed by the premium mare PALOMA, in foal to the FEI Lusitano stallion LUXO. Founding mares VIGIA and VENTANIA INTERAGRO were imported from Brazil.

Several important stallions are now in Australia. They were chosen for their particular breed characteristics, talents and temperaments, and for their ability to breed these into their offspring. The pure Andrade stallion IRREAL (Grand Prix) was bred in Portugal. His foals are all stamped with his classical conformation and superb temperament.

Three more founding stallions were imported from Brazil. QUE CRAQUE SMAR competes FEI dressage, whilst the young stallion VENTUROSO DO IPE has magnificent movement and a temperament to match. ULUTI INTERAGRO is a classically trained stallion with the exceeding beautiful isabel cream colouring.

A number of other Lusitanos have now joined their owners in various parts of Australia and New Zealand. Several quality yearlings have been exported to America.

The LHAA actively promotes the qualities of the Lusitano through publicity and advertising. The main way forward to promote the breed is through open competition. At present this is confined to open dressage and agricultural shows, but as the number of members and breeders grows other disciplines will showcase the superb qualities of the horse.

Due to Australia’s size, the National Show is shared with the Andalusian Horse Association of Australiasia. The LHAA and the AHAA have a close affiliation with each other.


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